Small Bites – Norse Hall, Poke Qube, Birrieria PDX, and More


A bunch of tidbits have crossed my desk and I thought I’d put them all together for you here.

Portland’s Norse Hall at risk. The Norse Hall over on Couch and 11th is running in the red, thanks to—you guessed it—COVID-19. Known for various Scandi cultural events, including the annual Lutefisk Dinner, I’ve spent time there for their tasty Viking Breakfast that happens during certain months of the year. It’s an important cultural space and is worth saving; the fear is out there that developers might be eyeing the property. You can help by donating to their GoFundMe campaign. 111 NE 11th Ave, Portland Continue reading “Small Bites – Norse Hall, Poke Qube, Birrieria PDX, and More”

Farewell Heim, Hello Bee’s Cakes and Cafe


Photo credit: Bee’s Custom Cakes

Last week I saw the news about changes coming to Roseway’s Heim Bakery but wanted to see how the details settled out before I wrote about it here. Basically, Jennifer Plitzko is transitioning out of Heim (“the winds of life are blowing [her] in a different direction”) and Rebecca “Bee” Powazek will be taking over the space as Bee’s Cakes and Cafe. Continue reading “Farewell Heim, Hello Bee’s Cakes and Cafe”

Support Rocky Butte Farmers Market at Arrowood on May 17


Photo credit: Arrowood

As I’ve mentioned before, the Rocky Butte Farmers Market is returning this June, this time atop the actual Rocky Butte at Mannahouse Church. In anticipation of the Market there’s been lots of strategy and planning, and one thing that has come out of the planning process is a fundraiser for the Market at Arrowood Restaurant on the evening of Monday, May 17. Continue reading “Support Rocky Butte Farmers Market at Arrowood on May 17”

First Tastes: Dimo’s SPK


Breakfast sandwich extraordinaire

This morning I headed over to Dimo’s Apizza for their new venture: Dimo’s SPK. “SPK” stands for “salt, pepper, ketchup,” which are add-ons to the classic BEC—the bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich that you can find everywhere—delis, diners, bodegas—in NYC (and the broader Northeast, from what I’ve been told). This weekend it launches and Dimo’s will offer sandwiches and more from 9am to 2pm (or until sold out). There was a line this morning (we got there around 9:15am), but let me tell you—it’s worth the wait. Continue reading “First Tastes: Dimo’s SPK”