This Is Good: Food Blog Posts of Note, August 2017


I like to keep up with a number of local food (and travel) blogs and love to share posts I find particularly appealing. Here are some the posts that caught my eye this past month.

Skamania Lodge Weekend Getaway
Eaty Pie


My good friend Judith recounted her fun family weekend getaway at Skamania Lodge in WA, a great place to hang with family and celebrate her daughter Edie’s second birthday. Key point: “From its sprawling estate and beautiful grounds to its spectacular views of the Gorge and fun family activities, we all found something that we loved.”

Essential Guide to Fine Dining in Portland Oregon
Local Adventurer


A nice breakdown by geographical quadrant of current fine dining establishments in Portland, by Esther and Jacob. This is a good guide for anyone looking for recommendations for a special place to have meal.

Food Bliss: Buckman Public House (Portland, Oregon)
Urban Bliss Life


Filled with gorgeous photos, this post makes me want to stop in at Buckman Public House, located in the old Washington High School in Southeast Portland. The post made the whole place seem fresh and new, which it is. It’s hard to choose between the cocktails and the food because they all sound delicious!

The Ultimate Eastern Oregon Road Trip
Local Adventurer

Esther and Jacob give a great summary of what’s in Eastern Oregon and got me excited about visiting Southeast Oregon in particular. They include a number of tips on what to see, do, and eat. A really well put together post.

Tight Tacos
Food Carts Portland


A great overview of this little cart on Cesar Chavez near Belmont that makes extremely well-received tacos. Really looking forward to finally making it there for much taco goodness.

Brunch at Proud Mary
Pechluck’s Food Adventures


A mouthwatering summary of newly opened Proud Mary, an Australian cafe import up on Alberta Street. I’m still hoping they’ll offer caramel slices one day, but what Pech highlights looks mighty tasty already.

Reader Survey 2017: Best Chinese Restaurant in Portland
Portland Food and Drink


So interesting to see what Portlanders (who participated in the survey) believe to be the best Chinese food in the city. My guess is that Chin’s Kitchen will be on that list next time. One of my favorites, Taste of Sichuan, is on there—the “wild side” menu there is full of things that remind me of eating in Flushing, Queens.

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