Santa Slice at Sizzle Pie Is Back

While walking in the neighborhood, I spied this poster up at the Hollywood Sizzle Pie.


Yes, the Santa Slice is making a return. From what I could tell from online media, they did this in 2015 and it caused a lot of buzz. As you can see in the photo, the Santa Slice is an 18-inch slice—basically the size of a whole pizza.

We asked the staff about the timing of the Santa Slice and they told us that it will likely be available the week before Christmas and offered in cheese, pepperoni, and vegan options. It will possibly cost $18-20, a far cry from the pricing of 2015, where a slice was $10 ($5 with the purchase of  “Pizza Vibes” koozie at Poler Outdoor Stuff). But it is possible they may reassess the pricing. And maybe the koozie will also figure into the pricing, too.

The pizza will be available in a decorative box—so far we’ve seen one design by artist @tallboy.

BIG stuff coming later this month from @sizzlepie and @polerstuff 💪🎁🍕✨

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One important detail in all of this is that the Santa Slice is only available at the Hollywood Sizzle Pie location. If you head over to get a Slice later this month, Sizzle Pie staff recommends you take a selfie with the monster slice.

Sizzle Pie Hollywood, 4144 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland | Facebook | Instagram

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