What’s Happening at Poor Richard’s?

After years of nothing happening at the old Poor Richard’s (3907 NE Broadway), which closed in 2011, there has been activity in the space since yesterday (hat tip: Hollywood Boosters Facebook page).  Also, an electrical permit was filed with an issue date of 1/8/19. Here are some details:

IVR Number 4331389
Permit/Case Type: Electrical Permit
Commercial or Multi-Family Dwelling/Structure

Work/Case Description:

I stopped by this morning and peered in the windows to see dusty, random stuff strewn about. There was a man sitting in a chair with an orange jumpsuit and a breathing filter (he was so still at first that I wasn’t sure what I was seeing exactly) and with the big dumpster out back it looks like they are cleaning out the space. What’s going in there is anyone’s guess, but I hope it’s going to be something good for the neighborhood; there’s also a possibility that they are simply cleaning it up for the sake of cleaning it up. I’ll keep an eye on it.

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3 Replies to “What’s Happening at Poor Richard’s?”

  1. Thanks for mentioning Boosters. My guess is it will go commercial – if they can adequately clean it up in there. It is owned by a trust; the two main folks with the trust are now deceased so I am guessing their kids have it. They don’t live in Oregon.

    1. Thanks for the additional info, Maura, and good point about the trust. I hope the kids, above all, carry out their parents’ wishes. Anyway, I’m sure curious to see what will end up in there!

  2. I’m thinking yet another apartment building, wishing a good steak house would come in but not going to happen!😞

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