Portland Pizza Week 2019 Is Almost Here


Portland has some great food-themed weeks (and months), and the next one on the docket is Pizza Week, produced by the Portland Mercury. From Monday through Saturday, April 15-20, over 40 slices at pizzerias across the city will be available for just $2.

This year there are plenty of puns in the names of the slices: Moroccan Your World, Over Acheeser, This Is Spinal Hatch, and Taco’n It to the Streets, to start. Nice job, everyone.

I plan to participate and will try at least one slice from my neighborhood—this means I may finally get myself over to Hogan’s Goat. They’re offering a sliced called The Wedge: “We are offering a ‘wedge slice’ with thinly sliced iceberg lettuce, bacon bits, chives, buttermilk blue cheese dressing on a cheese pizza with tomato sauce.” Another spot in my neighborhood, Sizzle Pie is offering It’s Not Cheesy Being Green: “Featuring Secret Aardvark’s delicious Serrabanero green sauce, Sizzle Pie’s two Pizza Week offerings put a tasty spin on a spicy chicken taco in both vegan and meat versions.” And finally, Hotlips is participating with Goatbusters 2: “A supernatural combination of squash, mushrooms, red peppers, and goat cheese, blasting your tastebuds into another dimension.” They all sound pretty good.

Our friends over at @SavorPDX have put together a spreadsheet of the upcoming Pizza Week, which makes figuring out where to go so much easier than the Merc’s setup , which forces you to do a lot of clickthroughs. Everything is on one page on the spreadsheet—name of slice, location, description. They originally shared it on the Portland subreddit, and now I’m sharing it with you. Big thanks to them for their good work!

I’m a big fan of maps, so here’s the official clickable Google map for those who like their info in that format:

I hope you’ll have a chance to try at least one slice next week. Portland has a pretty great pizza scene, so unless you hate pizza or are super picky, you’ll no doubt find something to your liking. Enjoy!

The Portland Mercury’s Pizza Week
Monday-Saturday, April 15-21, 2019
Various Locations
$2 per slice

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