Woodblock Chocolate and Their Bicerin


The bicerin drink at Woodblock Chocolate.

While running errands this past weekend, I found myself at a sign pointing to the cafe at Woodblock Chocolate, one of Portland’s bean-to-bar chocolate factories. I had heard about their cafe space but had never visited; I’m now wishing I had done it sooner. There, I had many choices of chocolate bars, caramels, truffles, and drinks to consume, but it was the bicerin that really caught my eye and made my tastebuds happy.

The bicerin, according to my research, is a “traditional Piedmontese product” and has been around since the 18th century. It’s a warm layered drink of espresso, drinking chocolate, and cream—in this case, the cream is a thick whipped cream.  Isn’t it gorgeous?!?


The (sweetened) drinking chocolate is, of course, a Woodblock product. To be honest, I didn’t ask where the espresso beans are from, but the resulting shot was a rich and a little fruity. The whipped cream slowly melted into the coffee-chocolate mix, making the drink thicker as time went on. It was a relatively small drink (apparently bicerin is Piedmontese for “small glass”), but it was highly satisfying.

I’d definitely get this again, but next time I’m by I’d like to give their chocolat froid a try. Even since I had the cold chocolate drink at Burdick’s in Cambridge, MA during my years participating in Longy’s summer early music workshop, I’ve associated this drink with the height of summer.

Here are some additional shots of the cafe and retail space at Woodblock Chocolate:


Bars and samples


Resting chocolate (chocolate discs “resting” with mint, hops, or coffee beans)


Caramels, samples, and truffles


Cafe seating


Cafe entrance

The Woodblock Chocolate cafe is open Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm; Saturday & Sunday, 9am-6pm. I hope you can find your way over to have some of their excellent chocolate products!

Woodblock Chocolate
1715 NE 17th Avenue, Portland
woodblockchocolate.com | Instagram | Facebook

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