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If you haven’t watched the new series, “Comida & Cars” with Portland chef Jose Chesa (Ataula, 180 Xurros & Xocolata [closed]), get yourself over to their Youtube channel and take a watch! Yes, yes, it sounds a lot like that other show. His first guest is Carlo Lamagna, owner and chef at the new Filipino restaurant Magna. They are driving around in a fancy blue BMW M3 Cs in this episode.


With the Bridge of the Gods in the background, Chef Lamagna made Chef Chesa some pancit bihon—noodles, veg, chicken, and fried chicken skin chicharron (aka gribines) on top. “For me, Filipino food is comfort food. It is something that mom and dad always made.” He also mentioned his dad’s pork adobo, one of two dishes (along with the pancit) he finds supremely satisfying.

Interesting history tidbit: the Spanish colonized the Philippines via Mexico (Lamagna says, “The Philippines are the Mexico of Asia.”).  Definitely tune in for his analysis of the presence of tamales in the Philippines.

They definitely geek out on cars and talk about food and life. It’s an entertaining 10 minutes or so, and I look forward to seeing what Chesa comes up for the next video.

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