Eat Tacos at Taco Pedaler Today


Tacos up close at Taco Pedaler

So, it’s National Taco Day today, and Portland has an impressive array of good tacos to choose from. You’ll hear people wax poetic about their favorites—perhaps it’s ¿Por Qué No? with the lines. Or Tight Tacos’ street tacos—now in a new location at The Zipper building. Perhaps you have some favorite guisados at Mi Mero Mole. I’m sure there are others (feel free to tell me about them in the comments). For me, it’s the fresh, flavorful tacos at Taco Pedaler that really satisfy.

I’ve been eating at Taco Pedaler since I moved to Portland and have had consistently excellent food during that time. The tortillas are handmade and the fillings are always fresh and delicious—whether it’s the simple street taco style or the more elaborate breakfast taco.

Sausage Breakfast Taco

Sausage breakfast taco

In not-taco-news, one of my favorite recent meals there was a plate of huevos rancheros. They really outdid themselves with that one.


Huevos Rancheros

I always get a bottle of their spicy green sauce out of the bin by the register and use it liberally as I chomp through the taco; I prefer it to the red, but that one is still very good. Both are made in-house. I also love to add their guacamole, especially to the chicken street taco.

They usually have a margarita special and an agua fresca special. I recently had one that was pineapple-lime-lemon and it was quite good; not sweet, and very refreshing. I also love their horchata. On the liquor side, they have a nice selection of specialty drinks, cocktails, and beer.


Cinnamon-dusted horchata

If you have the time, consider heading over there this morning for one of their breakfast tacos. They also do daily specials—today it’s Killa Dilla Friday, with 50cents off each dilla (kind of like an empanada)

There are two locations: 2225 NE Broadway and 5427 NE 42nd Avenue. Taco Pedaler opens at 9am and closes at 9pm today.

Happy National Taco Day, everyone!

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