Second Profession Brewing Partnering With Arrowood Restaurant


While driving along NE Sandy Blvd (again), I noticed that part of Second Profession Brewing windows were papered over—at this point after so many years of neighborhood blogging, papered-over windows always catch my eye and get me wondering. I stopped by and saw that the old pub that was part of the brewery is now going to be the restaurant Arrowood. The pub’s final day of business was July 31. Continue reading “Second Profession Brewing Partnering With Arrowood Restaurant”

New Offerings From Portland Cider Co.

Photo credit: Portland Cider Co.

Last week I attended a media event (full disclosure: all drinks were comped) with the Portland Cider Co. at their taproom on SE Hawthorne, and had the chance to taste some of their cider offerings, both new and established. We were there to get familiar with a few specific things: the debut of their Sangria cider in cans; a chance to taste their new Concord Grape cider; and to get a look at their new six-pack packaging in 100% recycled corrugated cardboard that leaves behind the previous packaging, a recyclable plastic Pak-Tek carrier. Continue reading “New Offerings From Portland Cider Co.”

Cranberry Fest Cold Pressed Juice is Back at Trader Joe’s


Cranberry Fest cold pressed juice sitting in between the tasty Watermelon and the far inferior Red cold pressed juices. Do not be fooled—Cranberry Fest and Red are nothing alike.

Each day for the past couple of weeks, I’ve walked into my local Trader Joe’s on the way home from the gym, hoping to see the arrival of one of their most delicious products, Cranberry Fest cold pressed juice. I’m happy—no, thrilled—to say: it’s back! Continue reading “Cranberry Fest Cold Pressed Juice is Back at Trader Joe’s”