First Impressions: The Impossible Burger


My first time with an Impossible Burger was a pleasant stroll through the uncanny valley.

Over the weekend we decided to take advantage of the sunny day with mild temperatures and head to McMenamins Edgefield out in Troutdale. As you may know, I live in Portland without a car and take transit everywhere; I was pleased to learn that the TriMet 77 bus drops you off directly in front of the Edgefield property. After an easy ride we did a fair amount of exploring of the grounds, and decided to get something to eat at the Black Rabbit Bar. And what did I see on the menu, but the Impossible Burger. I had been wanting to try it for some time, and this seemed like as good as any an opportunity to do so. Continue reading “First Impressions: The Impossible Burger”

Salt, Fire & Time To Close This Month


I was very sorry to hear that Salt, Fire & Time/Broth Bar (115 NE 6th Avenue) is set to close on March 24, after 10 years in the business. Last summer I found their collagen coolers to be very tasty, and over the years I had heard high praise for their bone broths. Owner Tessa Yellig posted a long announcement about the closing on Facebook, which ended with the news that she will be continuing her teaching and consulting at Wild Heart Solutions. Continue reading “Salt, Fire & Time To Close This Month”

Departure’s New Dry Cocktail Menu

Photo credit: Departure Restaurant + Lounge

Earlier this month I learned about Departure Restaurant + Lounge’s new dry menu—AKA nonalcoholic cocktails. It’s a common thing these days for some people to cut out alcohol during the first month of the year, but there are also some of us that simply have a low tolerance for alcohol—being a “lightweight,” to use a term in common parlance. Personally, I love to try drinks made with interesting fruits, juices, essences, and other ingredients untouched by alcohol—it’s an interesting flavor world and you can drink it without having to worry about your blood alcohol level as you head home from the bar. Continue reading “Departure’s New Dry Cocktail Menu”

Support SOLO / Portland Piano International and You Could Eat Well


Now that we’re in the middle of the season of giving, I wanted to point you to one ask that is particularly relevant to those of us who like live music and eating delicious food. This is a collaboration between SOLO / Portland Piano International and three of Portland’s great chefs: Greg Higgins (Higgins Restaurant and Bar), Vitaly Paley (Headwaters), and David Machado (Nel Centro). It involves supporting the arts and a chance to have an amazing meal.  Continue reading “Support SOLO / Portland Piano International and You Could Eat Well”