Wholesome Blends Has Closed, The Whole Bowl Trailer Has Moved (Twice!)

After having breakfast at Jim and Patty’s and searching for an elusive geocache in Rose City Park, I headed home down Sandy Blvd and was startled to see that Wholesome Blends (4615 NE Sandy Blvd) had closed! The Whole Bowl trailer that was on the property was also gone, moving further into the Hollywood District, but is now back on Sandy.

The end of Wholesome Blends

The message says “Open till 1pm Christmas, then it is the end for Wholesome Blends.” Continue reading “Wholesome Blends Has Closed, The Whole Bowl Trailer Has Moved (Twice!)”

Favorite Eats of 2017

Today is Bridgetown Bites’s six month anniversary! Or is it birthday? Anyway, we thought we’d take this opportunity to roundup our favorite eats of 2017. It’s always fun to look back on the year, and though I tasted my share of straight up duds, there was a lot more that was delicious. Here are some of our favorites from 2017.

Coquine chocolate chip cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie | Coquine. This cookie is famous, and there’s a good reason for that, as it is more than just an excellent chocolate chip cookie—it features some additional flavors that elevate the whole thing. Those additional elements would be smoked almonds, salted caramel, and chunks (not chips) of high quality chocolate. The texture is both chewy and crisp, and I’d say it’s one of the top sweets in Portland. coquinepdx.com, 6839 SE Belmont Street, Portland Continue reading “Favorite Eats of 2017”

Portland Area Food Events, December 21-28


Pozolé is a perfect winter dish and is being celebrated in Portland on Thursday!

Each week we will bring you a roundup of public food events in the Portland metro area. It’s not every single event that’s going on, but the ones in particular that catch our eye. Want to submit an event? Fill out this form. Listings curated by Meg Cotner.

The Taste of Division and Clinton
December 1-31, 2017
Op-Wurst, 3384 SE Division, Portland

“OP-Wurst Hot Buttered Rum and The Hound Dog—a frankfurter with apple butter, peanut butter sauce, bananas and lardons.” Available all month. More information. More information. Continue reading “Portland Area Food Events, December 21-28”

Saima Thai & Sushi Coming to Old Pono Soul Farm Kitchen Space on Sandy Blvd

Saima Thai & Sushi storefront

Well, looks like my suspicions were right—a new restaurant is indeed opening up in the old Pono Soul Farm Kitchen space. Saima Thai & Sushi is moving in and is “coming soon.” There’s been activity inside since the start of December; my guess is that they will open either a) in time for the holidays, or b) after the new year.

Update 1/10/18: Thanks to commenter Gabe below, looks like the people behind Saima Thai & Sushi are the same ones behind King Curry in Milwaukie. King Curry gets high marks on Yelp, and just looking at their menu, it’s full of familiar dishes to the average American Thai restaurant diner—along with what look like some Chinese dishes (e.g., Kung Pao, Orange Chicken). I’ve been keeping an eye on the place, and they have removed some of the window coverings. I hope that means they are opening soon.

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The Nightwood Society’s Kickstarter – I Supported Them, You Should, Too

Photo credit: The Nightwood Society

I believe I first ran across the name The Nightwood Society randomly, but was truly introduced to them in a post by local blogger Pech on her blog, Pechluck’s Food Adventures. It’s a pretty exciting project—you could think of them as an “experience shop”—food and drink folks working with artists and creatives to “produce extraordinary experiences around food and wine” in a space on NE Broadway (former location of Chesa). And it’s run by women. Continue reading “The Nightwood Society’s Kickstarter – I Supported Them, You Should, Too”