The Lift Off Lounge Is Coming To NE Sandy Blvd


Entrance to The Lift Off Lounge

Since I moved to Sumner, I find myself driving the strip of NE Sandy south to the Hollywood District fairly often, and have been really curious about what’s going into the old Stanley Printing building. After all, there is a very visually-appealing neon martini glass sign hung outside the building. I did some digging (and legwork) and found that something called The Lift Off Lounge is moving into that ground floor space, and a familiar name is behind it, according to city paperwork: Casey Maxwell, owner of the late Matador, a West Burnside bar that was open for decades and closed in 2014. Continue reading “The Lift Off Lounge Is Coming To NE Sandy Blvd”

The Rocky Butte Farmers Market is Back! This Weekend!


The inaugural and very busy Rocky Butte Farmers Market.

Good news! The Rocky Butte Farmers Market will return for a second popup (read about the first one here) this Saturday, August 3 from 10am-2pm at the Dharma Rain Zen Center, 8500 NE Siskiyou Street in Portland. I’m really excited to check it out and do my market shopping closer to home. Continue reading “The Rocky Butte Farmers Market is Back! This Weekend!”

Woodblock Chocolate and Their Bicerin


The bicerin drink at Woodblock Chocolate.

While running errands this past weekend, I found myself at a sign pointing to the cafe at Woodblock Chocolate, one of Portland’s bean-to-bar chocolate factories. I had heard about their cafe space but had never visited; I’m now wishing I had done it sooner. There, I had many choices of chocolate bars, caramels, truffles, and drinks to consume, but it was the bicerin that really caught my eye and made my tastebuds happy. Continue reading “Woodblock Chocolate and Their Bicerin”

Addendum: Burrata Caprese At Grand Army Tavern

I realized I forgot to include the burrata caprese in my Grand Army Tavern post yesterday, which is an unfortunate omission, hence its own little post. I wasn’t expecting it to come on crusty bread but after tasting it I didn’t mind. Loved the heirloom tomatoes and that plump ball of burrata cheese. A great way to start the meal.


Summer on a plate.

Grand Army Tavern
901 NE Oneonta Street
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Don’t Miss Pasta Night at Grand Army Tavern


Not only are the pastas fantastic, Grand Army Tavern also has a menu of excellent no-proof cocktails—behold the Strawberry Fields.

The other night I had a meal at a place I’d been wanting to go for many months: Grand Army Tavern in the Woodlawn neighborhood in Northeast Portland. Despite my #westcoastbestcoast motto, I do love connecting with things NYC out here, and that includes the owners of Grand Central Tavern, as well as my dining companions for the evening, Teri of @teristravels and her husband, both Queens natives; my boyfriend was a long-time Queens resident. I’m so glad Teri invited us to Pasta Night, and there is no doubt that I’ll be returning for their beautiful, lovingly-made pastas. Continue reading “Don’t Miss Pasta Night at Grand Army Tavern”