Four Things I Learned This Week (February 12)

Best Donuts in Oregon: Delicious Donuts. According to Food & Wine’s February 2021 roundup of the best donuts in each U.S. state, Delicious Donuts is the winner in Oregon:

“Founded in 2005 just over the Burnside Bridge from the original Voodoo, Delicious Donuts looks like any of the other classic hangs gracing lucky neighborhoods up and down the West Coast, and like so many of them, this one’s family owned, too. But not everybody works as carefully and attentively as Boun Saribout, who owns the shop with wife Penny Nguyen. Their cinnamon roll doughnuts, crunchy fritters, and apple-filled bear claws are famously good, the blueberry cake is like some gorgeous, deep-fried muffin, but don’t get too comfortable, because unless you time it right, you’ll typically take what you can get. Good news, however—you’ll be totally fine with this, because it’s all good.”

The single-location indie donut shop is what I think of whenever someone mentions a donuts shop, and my love for a blueberry cake donut knows no bounds (I miss you, Angel Donuts in Fillmore, CA). Glad to hear of their recognition. 12 SE Grand Avenuea, Portland

Kaleifornia Dreaming. Portland Redditor u/scoobycoup put together a pretty good set of parody lyrics to the song, “California Dreaming,” the title renamed to “Kaleifornia Dreaming.”

“All the Kale is gone.  / And the sky is gray.  / I drove into a tree.  / On a winter’s day.  / I’d be safe and warm. / If I was in L.A.  / Kaleifornia Dreaming.  / On such a winters day.”

Pączki watch. I’ve seen a couple of places where you can find these Polish Fat Tuesday treats—the Gateway Fred Meyer and Popioł (a Polish dinner pop-up in Portland) via Cafe Reina: “Pre-order a box of 4 (pick 4!) and swing by the shop to claim them. We will also have individual pączki for sale at La Reina while supplies last.” 1111 NE 102nd Avenue (Fred Meyer) and 4943 NE MLK Jr Blvd, Suite 101 (Cafe Reina), Portland

Singles For Singles. One of my favorite burger joints in Portland is Bless Your Heart Burgers (love their location on NE 33rd Ave and Killingsworth) and they are offering a Valentine’s Day special that is a little different than a lot of them around town—it focuses on the single (not the couple). “You get a single burger, single fry, and a sparkly beverage of your choosing for $12. We all deserve some ❤️. Singles For Singles will be available 2/12 – 2/15.” Unfortunately (but understandably) they are closed today (Friday) because of the snow. 5410 NE 33rd Avenue, Portland

Four Things I Learned This Week (September 13)

Back at it—here are four things I learned this week in the world of Portland food.

The Mid-Autumn Festival starts today. Here are three local bakeries where you can find Chinese-style mooncakes for the annual Mid Autumn Festival. Also: I learned that there are regional differences in mooncakes, which makes total sense. In the past I’ve only had access to Chinese-style mooncakes, and now I wish I’d sought out other styles. Wikipedia has a summary of the different styles throughout Asia.

Say cheese(burger). Wednesday, September 18 is National Cheeseburger Day, and Burgerville is offering $1 cheeseburgers that day. Maximum five burgers per transaction, and a two transaction limit per vehicle.

The donut breakfast sandwich is a thing. Delicious Donuts, celebrating 14 years in the business this week, offers many things, including a breakfast sandwich made with a glazed donut. Redditor @afeld explains, “They flip the donut inside out, so you’re holding the dry inners, and glazed part is with the egg.” That would be Aiden’s Sandwich, made with egg, cheese, and choice of meat—bacon, ham, or sausage.  Their Grand Avenue Burger also comes on a glazed donut.

Zapapizza is in soft open mode. Nick Zukin of Mi Mero Mole fame has been working on his newest project, Zapapizza. Offering thick-crust pies with Mexican ingredients for toppings. From twitter: “We are now soft open 11am to 9pm with thick crust pizza slices, beer, booze, wings, and even salad. Limited menu. More coming soon. 503 W. Burnside.” P.S. The Zaparoni,  a pepperoni pie base with the addition of pickled jalapeños, queso fresco, and fresh avocado, is basically my dream pizza.