Oysters Galore at the Third Annual Shuck Portland


Photo credit: Shuck Portland

I was recently reminded that Shuck Portland is almost upon us! It starts Saturday, February 1 and continues for a week beyond that, from Sunday, February 2 to Saturday, February 8—classes, dinners and more. Here are some of the things you can look forward to.

Kickoff Party and a Dinner

Portland in a Half-Shell. Saturday, February 1, 6-10pm.
This festival kickoff event is an oyster party featuring  thousands of the best oysters sourced from over a dozen oyster farms. You’ll eat—oysters and a non-oyster food buffet, courtesy of The Nightwood—and drink—scotch, cocktails, and local beer—to the sounds of DJ Maxx Bass. There will be oysters for sale, too. Tickets are $25 and include six oysters of your choice, one welcome drink, and light food buffet. Buy tickets here (first clickable event module). Redd On Salmon, 831 SE Salmon Street, Portland Continue reading “Oysters Galore at the Third Annual Shuck Portland”

Shuck Portland Panel: What the Shell Happened to the Oysters?


Love you, Kushi oyster.

Coming up in February is the Shuck Portland festival, a “culinary event during oyster season.” It’s a celebration of these bivalve mollusks and there are a whole bunch of dinners, a couple of classes, and one panel happening—it’s the panel, called “What the Shell Happened to the Oysters?” that I want to highlight. It’s scheduled for Tuesday, February 6 from 6-9pm at Ecotrust, 721 NW 9th Avenue in Portland. Originally it was a purely ticketed event, but ticket sales were not terribly robust so they’ve turned the admission price into something donation-based. Continue reading “Shuck Portland Panel: What the Shell Happened to the Oysters?”