Hollywood District’s Nectar Cafe Is Expanding


“Pardon our dust.”

I was down in the Hollywood District the other day and noticed a bunch of changes have come to the little shopping center at NE Hancock and 41st Avenue: Portland Pastimes closed; Teal Flamingo moved into that space; and Nectar Cafe is moving into the space Teal Flamingo previously occupied, conveniently right next door. Continue reading “Hollywood District’s Nectar Cafe Is Expanding”

First Impressions: The Impossible Burger


My first time with an Impossible Burger was a pleasant stroll through the uncanny valley.

Over the weekend we decided to take advantage of the sunny day with mild temperatures and head to McMenamins Edgefield out in Troutdale. As you may know, I live in Portland without a car and take transit everywhere; I was pleased to learn that the TriMet 77 bus drops you off directly in front of the Edgefield property. After an easy ride we did a fair amount of exploring of the grounds, and decided to get something to eat at the Black Rabbit Bar. And what did I see on the menu, but the Impossible Burger. I had been wanting to try it for some time, and this seemed like as good as any an opportunity to do so. Continue reading “First Impressions: The Impossible Burger”

Thank You, Vegans

It’s been nearing two weeks since I posted last and apart from general work business that is sometimes disruptive, I got sick with a virus. It was probably a cold—definitely not the flu—but unpleasant just the same because of fatigue and congestion. However, this time around there were two things that were undeniably different—A) I was constantly hungry (I wanted to eat all the time), and B) I didn’t consume dairy.

Now, I don’t have philosophical issues with dairy—I was a raw milk drinker for many years. I love cheese (raw and pasteurized), yogurt, butter, ice cream, and I drink full fat lattes. I only really use non-dairy milk (coconut) when I prepare a chia breakfast bowl in the mornings. My unplanned abstinence from dairy confirmed something to be true that I’d been told over the years—cut out dairy to cut down on mucus. I know it is there for a reason but it’s also a real killjoy.

To go without dairy here in Portland was a breeze, and a lot of credit goes to our vegan friends who have worked hard for years to bring animal-free products into the true commercial mainstream. I was able to enjoy creamy salad dressings (tahini), coffee with milk (coconut milk), soft dark chocolate (also raw with no refined sugar—hats off to you, Honey Mamas), and yogurt (coconut milk). I’d actually like to try my hand at making coconut milk yogurt after this experience.

As an aside, I also plan to work on a ginger bug to make naturally fermented ginger ale, another good thing to drink when you’re sick (it’s also good any time).

As I continue to get over this virus, I plan to keep dairy out of my diet, and will take this opportunity to eat more dairy-free food. I don’t expect to eliminate it completely in the long run, but for now I’m content to explore the world sans dairy.

First Look: Sizzle Pie Hollywood

Sizzle Pie's sandwich board

When they mean open late, they mean open late—til 4am Friday and Saturday, 3am the rest of the week.

Yesterday was the first day Sizzle Pie Hollywood was open (soft opening), so we headed over for some slices—and to check out the space. Turns out they didn’t do any kind of major overhaul, but the place feels more spacious, fresher, neater. I was told that it took about a month and half to get it all spruced up. Continue reading “First Look: Sizzle Pie Hollywood”