Good News: Reo’s Ribs Will Return


Reo’s Ribs—all boarded up but will open eventually.

This week I read an update on Reo’s Ribs by the Hollywood Star. They report that “plans are underway” to restore the building that was home to the most aromatic restaurant in the neighborhood. I miss the smell of barbecue as I walk by, and I feel bad that the building burned and forced Reo to temporarily stop operations this past May. So I’m heartened by the news that he’ll be back and that progress on repairing the building is going well.

The guy that owns the building, Leon Drennan, seems confident in its future. Turns out interior and structural renovations will cost less than previously expected (that’s good), and they will make some changes—including installing one or two ADA bathrooms. They will also “de-emphasize” the Middle Eastern look that was installed when the building was Aladdin Dry Cleaners.


Closeup of the front entrance to the restaurant.

Speaking of previous occupants of this building, it’s been the location of a trolley stop and ticket station; a beauty salon; a laundry/dry cleaner; an ice cream and sandwich shop; and Hollywood Burger Bar starting in 1954. It became Reo’s Ribs in 2015.

Everyone involved believes the building will be much nicer when it’s done—and the exterior of the building will remain the same. I know I’m looking forward to seeing the new space when it’s finished. One of the fun details in the Hollywood Star article was from the owner of the building. He said, “We actually found another fireplace in one of the walls that we didn’t know about.”

Reo’s Ribs building rising from ashes in heart of Hollywood [Hollywood Star]

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