Shuck Portland Panel: What the Shell Happened to the Oysters?


Love you, Kushi oyster.

Coming up in February is the Shuck Portland festival, a “culinary event during oyster season.” It’s a celebration of these bivalve mollusks and there are a whole bunch of dinners, a couple of classes, and one panel happening—it’s the panel, called “What the Shell Happened to the Oysters?” that I want to highlight. It’s scheduled for Tuesday, February 6 from 6-9pm at Ecotrust, 721 NW 9th Avenue in Portland. Originally it was a purely ticketed event, but ticket sales were not terribly robust so they’ve turned the admission price into something donation-based. Continue reading “Shuck Portland Panel: What the Shell Happened to the Oysters?”

Portland Area Food Events, December 14-21

Peking Duck at Departure Lounge
Photo credit: Departure Lounge

Peking Duck is the most wonderful duck.

Each week we will bring you a roundup of public food events in the Portland metro area. It’s not every single event that’s going on, but the ones in particular that catch our eye. Want to submit an event? Fill out this form. Listings curated by Meg Cotner.

Peking Duck Month
December 1-30, 2017; times vary
Departure Portland, 525 SW Morrison Street, Portland

From the Departure staff, this special month features:

  • The Peking Duck is cured in 5 spice, blanched in honey and Chinese wine, hung to air dry for 5 days, honey glazed and roasted daily, and served with a house-made cherry sauce, candied kumquats, scallions, hoisin, and cucumbers. It is also served with mandarin pancakes, encouraging guests to make mini sandwiches out of the feast.
  • The bits of meat and roasted skin left on the bones are removed and a savory duck fried rice is made with plenty of scallions and rendered duck fat.
  • To ensure 100% usage of the bird, guests start the meal with a cup of clear duck broth made from the ducks’ roasted bones.
  • For a final sweet note, a rich taste of creamy duck fat-coconut milk ice cream with marionberry sauce and buckwheat crumble closes the feast.

Call the restaurant at 503-802-5370 to reserve your delicious duck. Each meal is $106. More information. Continue reading “Portland Area Food Events, December 14-21”