Fire and Stone To Close End of February 2018


Dreamy wood oven roasted olives at Fire and Stone are magic.

This morning I read the news on Instagram that Fire and Stone, a wood-fired restaurant in the Alameda/Beaumont-Wilshire area, is closing. The news made me quite sad, as I’ve been a fan of the restaurant since before I moved to Portland. When I was the editor of Northeast Neighbors magazine, we featured them there, and a number of local folks I interviewed over the months also spoke highly of them. I’ve eaten a number of meals there. I am sure everyone is sorry to see them go.

Here’s their message:

“It is with a fair amount of sadness that we must announce that Fire+Stone Restaurant will cease operations as of Friday 2/23. We’d like to thank all those that paid us money for food, played their music in our space, and worked their butts off to make us what we were. We hope to finish strong, see some old and new friends, and have some fun in our last 2 weeks. Come on by. Further, we hope to hand the reins [sic] over to a occupant that takes its connection to these 3 great neighborhoods as seriously as we did. Again, thanks to all.”

Fire and Stone is one of those places that served delicious food and drinks inside a warm, comfortable space. Sometimes there was live music. There is always excellent bread available (the cibatta loaf is my favorite). One of my favorite dishes from 2017 was their gnocchi—pillowy and light and bathed in a ragu that was rich, sweet, and tangy.


I found Fire and Stone to be a really nice place to bring out of town guests, too. The menu accommodated many tastes and interests in food to make a broad range of eaters happy. The Margherita pizza is a favorite and I love that they cook their vegetables in the wood-fired oven, which gives them a wonderful flavor you won’t find with other cooking techniques.


And though I don’t have a decent photo of it, their homemade vanilla ice cream is one of the most delicious versions I’ve ever had—smooth and creamy with clean, clear flavors. I was often reminded when eating it that vanilla comes from a flower because of the slight floral notes in the ice cream.

On top of the food, there were the lovely cocktails they would prepare. Here’s a Paloma I had once that was excellent.


I hope we will find Jeff Smalley and his hospitality and bread baking skills at another spot in Portland, and we wish him and all the staff the very best as they end things at Fire and Stone and move on to whatever is next. I encourage anyone reading this to hit them up before February 23 for a pie, some veg, and a great cocktail.

Fire and Stone, 3707 NE Fremont, Portland | Instagram | Facebook

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    1. Same here, and it makes me think long and hard about better supporting the restaurants that matter to me. I love trying new things and new places but it’s important to visit our deep favorites on the regular, even if it’s just to pick up a cookie, have a 30-minute cocktail break, order take out, or grab a cup of coffee.

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