Hollywood Says Goodbye Mio Sushi, Hello BiBim Bap House

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Dolsot Bibimbap at Salem’s Happy Bibim Bap House

A couple days before I got sick, I was walking home from the gym and noticed that a bunch of guys were taking stuff out of the Mio Sushi restaurant next door to the 24 Hour Fitness. It seemed odd, but I thought perhaps they were replacing old service dishes with new ones. Well, I was wrong—Eater has the details. Mio Sushi is gone, BiBim Bap House will open on March 19.

BiBim Bap House’s original restaurant is down in Salem, and Yelpers in the area like it enough to give it 4.5 stars. The menu has a lot of Korean classics—japchae, mandoo (dumplings), pa jun, bibimbap, Korean Barbecue, and a variety of soups, among other things. I’ll admit I’m a fan of Ddukbokki, since I have a great love for Korean rice cakes, period, and they are especially good in a spicy sauce; I’m really glad it’s on the menu.


Update: 3/5/18: New signage is up advertising their opening date (Monday, March 19), happy hour 10% discount daily, and lunch special combo boxes available 11am-2pm:

  • Monday: Bul Go Gi
  • Tuesday: Spicy Pork
  • Wednesday: Chicken Bul Go Gi
  • Thursday: Saeu Tagam
  • Friday: Sushi

Yet more sushi coming to the neighborhood.

The Hollywood District is home to another Korean restaurant, called The Bulgogi, which serves very tasty food that is well-made with fresh vegetables and flavorful meats. Currently they offer Duk Kuh Bee noodles (the name is plastered on the front of the restaurant), but even with that the menu is limited, comparatively speaking. I’ve had some great lunches there, and from what I can tell, the quality of the food continues to improve.

Happy Bibim Bap House (that’s its full name in Salem) is a family business and has a charitable streak, too, which the Eater article points out: they feed the homeless once a week. With the Hollywood District’s increasing homeless population in mind, I wonder if they will repeat this act of charity here in the neighborhood.

I’m definitely looking forward to checking out Bibim Bap House when they arrive in the Hollywood District.

Bibim Bap House, 4204 NE Halsey Street, Portland

Mio Sushi Checks Out of Hollywood, Korean Replacement is Incoming [Eater]

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