Progress at H Mart Belmont


Typical entrance to H Mart (this one’s in Irvine, CA). Photo credit: Nandaro

Back in July 2017 I wrote about my excitement regarding the opening of H Mart, the very popular Korean grocery store chain, in the old Zupan’s space on Belmont. Since then I certainly wondered what was up. Today I have a better idea. Portland Business Journal wrote, “according to an emailed response from the company in Tigard, H Mart is shooting for an early March opening for the new store.” 

There was speculation floating around the internets that the H Mart at this location would never get off the ground. I’m glad to see that was just a sad rumor and that they are still planning to open up on Belmont.

I also checked in with Portland’s liquor license application page, it seems they applied for a liquor license in mid-December 2018 and it was accepted by OLC in mid-January 2019. The liquor license application confirms a few other tidbits: their plan is have a food court with 25 seats and hours of 8am-9:30pm Monday to Sunday.


Redditors also reported seeing activity at the location in late December, the loading in of what may or may not be refrigerant compressors.

It’s nice to see evidence that H Mart is getting closer to opening, and I, for one, look forward to shopping there.

H Mart (opening March 2019)
3301 SE Belmont Street, Portland

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