The Nightwood Society’s Kickstarter – I Supported Them, You Should, Too

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I believe I first ran across the name The Nightwood Society randomly, but was truly introduced to them in a post by local blogger Pech on her blog, Pechluck’s Food Adventures. It’s a pretty exciting project—you could think of them as an “experience shop”—food and drink folks working with artists and creatives to “produce extraordinary experiences around food and wine” in a space on NE Broadway (former location of Chesa). And it’s run by women.

So who are these women of The Nightwood Society? They are:

Michelle Battista and Kati Reardon, proprietresses; Leah Scafe, Director of Experience; Sarah Schneider, Kitchen Queen; Camas Davis; Jane Gauger, Writer; Janene Larson, Business Development; Jules Bandy-Smith, Wine; Cristina Baez (title unknown); Kara Gibert, Farmer; Jess Ford, Artist; and Rosemary Stafford, Floral Ninja. All are thrilled to be involved with The Nightwood Society. Read more about them on the Nightwood’s About page.

Currently they are running a Kickstarter called WE ARE CHANGE AGENTS. Through it they are attempting to raise $50,000 “to bring The Nightwood to life”—from what I can tell on the Kickstarter page, this means a light buildout and design work. The collective does have an aesthetic vision for the space and the money raised from the Kickstarter will help them realize it. But note: this Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing project—if it’s not fully funded, they get none of the money.

So why did I contribute? I like that this is a project run by women, who are then looking out for other women by creating healthy mentoring environments. I like that they are experimenting with the mix of food, drink, and creativity. I like that they are trying new things and looking to expand the concept of what a “good experience” is. I like their enthusiasm; I like the cut of their collective jibs.

Currently, the space is being used for events, workshops, classes, and is also now the home to the Portland Meat Collective; they also produce off-site events. I attended a Creative Mornings event there on December 8, and loved learning more about their unique creative incubator. Their calendar will help you see the kind of events they are putting together.

At the writing of this article, they’ve raised close to $32,000 toward their $50,000 goal, more than halfway there. They have 9 days to go—the final day to donate is Wednesday, December 27, 2017 7:01am PST.

So, if you believe in the power of women to make meaningful change, for their ability to affect the food world for the better, and to support a group of talented people with amazing skills and a heap ton of potential for creating new and exciting things, support The Nightwood Society.

The Nightwood Society, 2218 NE Broadway Street, Portland. 971-236-2267 | Instagram | Facebook

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