Saima Thai & Sushi Coming to Old Pono Soul Farm Kitchen Space on Sandy Blvd

Saima Thai & Sushi storefront

Well, looks like my suspicions were right—a new restaurant is indeed opening up in the old Pono Soul Farm Kitchen space. Saima Thai & Sushi is moving in and is “coming soon.” There’s been activity inside since the start of December; my guess is that they will open either a) in time for the holidays, or b) after the new year.

Update 1/10/18: Thanks to commenter Gabe below, looks like the people behind Saima Thai & Sushi are the same ones behind King Curry in Milwaukie. King Curry gets high marks on Yelp, and just looking at their menu, it’s full of familiar dishes to the average American Thai restaurant diner—along with what look like some Chinese dishes (e.g., Kung Pao, Orange Chicken). I’ve been keeping an eye on the place, and they have removed some of the window coverings. I hope that means they are opening soon.

Although my research skills are unstoppable (thanks, Dave Rees), I’m having a heck of a time finding anything about this place online—at this point in time there is nothing on social media, and no website. I’m always curious about the origins of restaurant names, and while Saima is a girl’s name in some cultures, Sai Ma is the name of a district in Bangkok (which has an MRT station with the same name), so it’s very possible this is the origin of the restaurant’s name.

So there you go. Here’s hoping they’ll offer truly delicious, quality food—there are three sushi joints just within a few blocks (Sushi Chio, Bluefin Sushi, Mio Sushi), so there is some competition for sure. Thai food is further afield, with restaurants on Sandy and Broadway, but still close enough to compete.

I look forward to giving Saima a try.

Saima Thai & Sushi, 4118 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland

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