Hello, Summer (and Sumner)


A quiet street in the neighborhood.

Last time I stopped in here it was spring and I was living in the Hollywood District, looking forward to changes coming to my neighborhood (e.g. Gado Gado, Black Rock Coffee). Fast forward after a very intense and distracting few months, to life a new neighborhood: we bought a house! It’s a big deal and a wonderful change this time (as opposed to changes like cancer and death).

My new neighborhood, Sumner, is perhaps not as rich with restaurants and eateries as the Hollywood District is, but there are a number of dive bars nearby, as well as the Cameo Cafe, which has gotten some press recently; we’ve enjoyed breakfasts at the Park City Pub while watching the Women’s World Cup games; and the glory of 82nd Avenue is at my fingertips, a street I’m looking forward to exploring and getting to know the hidden (and not-so-hidden) gems along this state highway (I recently had some excellent Vietnamese food at Pho Oregon). East of 205 has its riches, too. I know there is a lot of good eating in my future. Plus, I now have a car and can go pretty much anywhere at this point with ease (case in point: a wonderful meal at EEM with an old friend).

Folks in the know: if you have suggestions for spots to stop in at east of 82nd Avenue, feel free to shoot me an email or comment here.

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