Happy 75th, Canton Grill! Interview On Think Out Loud


On my way home the other day I caught part of this interview on OPB with Cindy Louis and her father, Fred Louis, who run 75-year old Canton Grill on 82nd Avenue near SE Division. It was so interesting and heartfelt, so I’m glad to have found the link to the entire interview via a Facebook post. Take a listen:

Listen to “Canton Grill Turns 75” on Spreaker.

On the Canton Grill website, you can access scanned images of their menus over the years. As is discussed in the interview, the earliest menu prints the American food—breaded veal, steak, pork chops, combination salad—before the American-style Chinese food. Two years later, the Chinese dishes were front and center.

Canton Grill
2610 SE 82nd Avenue, Portland
canton-grill.com | Facebook

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