My New Fruit Love is the Adriatic Fig


The gorgeous, delicious, magical Adriatic Fig.

This past weekend I made it over to Fig Fest at One Green World Nursery. One of the things that was on my docket was to try the different figs they had to offer; there were seven varieties to sample.


By far the most impressive to my tastebuds was the Adriatic Fig. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to taste one! It has such a fantastic flavor—very fruity, sweet but not cloying, and had flavors of currant, strawberry, and was—to use a wine term—kind of “jammy.” I thought it was a superior fruit.

My first question was, “can you buy an Adriatic Fig tree here?” I was told that they would have the plants in the spring, and I am keeping that in mind. I like figs but most varieties still have a kind of green grassiness to them; the Adriatic Fig had none of that, just wonderful fruity figginess.

Fig Fest was a great time—it was a chance to look at all the wonderful plants they have for sale, chat with the staff, and enjoy the space. I ended up coming home with a huckleberry, a yellow lavender, and a bit of Rubus calycinoides, which is a creeping raspberry (fruits are small yet tasty) ground cover.

Here are some other photos from Fig Fest:


Sechuan pepper plant! I almost bought one of them.

Who knew pawpaws could grow out here? Not me; I always associate them with the east coast. Pawpaws are one of the fruits indigenous to the North American continent. They are very special.


Beautiful yarrow.


Two kinds of grapes: Interlaken on the left, Canadice on the right. Both seedless. The Interlaken tasted a bit floral and honey-like; the Canadice tasted more like the familiar red seedless grapes we’re used to.


Pink Pearl Apple—nice and crisp, though not as flavorful as I would have liked (especially in contrast to the Adriatic Fig). I’d love to see pink applesauce made from it, though.


Pineapple Guava! I’d love to taste one of those. 


The exterior of this tasty fig was striking: behold the Panache Tiger Fig.

It was a really fun event to attend. I’m told that they are planning a Fall festival, too, so stay tuned for that.

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