Rosebridge Coffee Opens Inside Fairley’s Pharmacy


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For many months now there has been speculation as to whether or not Fairley’s Pharmacy would open their soda fountain back up; I believe it closed down because of the pandemic. Good news—it’s back open and is under a new name: Rosebridge Coffee.

You may remember that we told you that Fairley’s was sold and that there were new owners poised to take over the pharmacy and, presumably, the soda fountain. The new owner, Daniel Lee, posted on Facebook that the  fountain/coffee service was returning under a new name. In his words, “The name comes from our neighborhood ‘Roseway’ plus the word ‘bridge’ as we want to be a place where people can come and connect with one another over a cup of coffee.”

They’ll serve coffee (iced and hot), matcha and chai; tea and pastries from Jen’s Bagels and Pastries; ice cream shakes; and milk tea and boba. You can also have your drinks with non-dairy milk, too (almond, soy, coconut, oat, and hemp). For now their hours are:

  • Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 5:30pm
  • Saturday, 7:30am to 2pm
  • Closed Sundays

At all times, Multnohah County COVID guidelines and practices will be observed.

It is significant that this soda fountain will reopen, as it is the last remaining one of its kind in all of Portland; we lost Paulsen’s and its soda fountain earlier this year. So a trip to Fairley’s to get a treat at Rosebridge Coffee will be a kind of singular Portland experience. This is a really nice thing for the Roseway neighborhood and environs, and I won’t deny that I hope that Rosebridge and the Roseway Theater might do some partnerships (a little bird told me there is a future for the theater).

Rosebridge Coffee
inside Fairley’s Pharmacy
7206 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland

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