Salt Fire & Time’s Broth Bar Introduces Summer Collagen Coolers


Four fruit and collagen drinks for summer. From L-R, Melon Moon, Flame Tamer, Sweet Greens, and Beauty Lemonade.

Let’s hear it for tempting, refreshing summer drinks! And it’s a bonus when they’re good for you. Now, we have exactly that: enter, the Summer Collagen Cooler.

Earlier this week I stopped by Salt Fire & Time’s Broth Bar to sample their new Summer Collagen Coolers. These are raw, cold pressed juices combined with collagen peptides and a little soda water that results in a light and fizzy drink. While fresh raw juice is nourishing in its own right with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients (plant chemicals), the addition of collagen amps up the nutrient density of the drink, making it greater than the sum of its parts. It is a good source of protein, aids joint health, helps with digestion, and also improves hair, skin, and nails. And the best part about these Collagen Coolers—they taste really good!

Salt Time & Fire’s proprietor, Tressa Yellig, spoke about how excited she is about these new drinks for summer, as well as how much she enjoys providing a range of nourishing foods to Portlanders. About the Collagen Coolers she points out,  “We produce less collagen as we age and supplementing with collagen-rich foods can make up the difference that our bodies need in delicious ways everyday by drinking bone broth or refreshing collagen coolers.”

Collagen Coolers come in four flavors, and a 12 oz glass is $8:

  • Melon Moon: watermelon, mint, cucumber, lemon, collagen, soda water
  • Flame Tamer: carrot turmeric, ginger, lemon, yellow beet, apple, collagen, soda water
  • Sweet Greens: romaine, cucumber, spinach, cilantro, parsley, pineapple, collagen, soda water
  • Beauty Lemonade: lavender, honey, lemon, collagen, soda water

I tried them all and enjoyed their aroma, taste, and physical sensations. On that last point, the Flame Tamer was pleasantly warming; I could feel the gentle heat bloom in my chest while I drank it. It primarily smelled of ginger with a little touch of the yellow beet. While I drank it I was reminded of that time in Sunnyside, Queens when I was given a shot of fresh ginger juice—the first I’d ever had—that made me feel like I was having an out of body experience. This didn’t go that far, but the warmth the ginger—and turmeric—felt good.

It was also not as sweet as I expected, and even had a tiny bit of pleasant bitterness as an endnote.  I hope they think about offering it during the cooler months, since I think it would be a nice way to warm up on a rainy day.

The biggest surprise for me was how much I liked the Sweet Greens—it was by far my favorite of the four drinks. The prominent smell of cilantro was enticing and I was unprepared for how it tasted more fruity than vegetal or grassy (flavors I associate with “green”). It was airy and sweet, and I especially enjoyed the flavor of pineapple right at the end. I could see myself craving this after a particularly strenuous workout.


When it came to Melon Moon, I had originally anticipated it made with honeydew, but as you can see, watermelon is the star. Watermelon and mint are such a classic flavor pairing, and I also love cucumbers and lemons, so I knew I’d enjoy this drink. And it tasted of the whole watermelon—from the sweet juicy red center of the melon to the thinner, more green taste toward the rind. It did particularly well with the fizz of the soda water, perfect for summer.

Finally, I tasted the Beauty Lemonade, and was delighted to discover it wasn’t overly sweet; in fact it was more on the tart side of things. And that is despite the distinct sweet aroma of honey. If there was one thing I was disappointed in, it was that the lavender aroma was stronger than taste; I would have preferred a little more. Overall, though, this drink had an invigorating taste and would be nice in the morning or even during the dreaded mid-afternoon slump as a pick me up.

To be honest, I’d never before had collagen as a supplement; I eat animals so I consume it in tendon, skin, muscles and organ meats, as well as in stock/bone broth. As you can imagine, I associate collagen with “meatiness” but there was none of that with these drinks. They were light and clean tasting; no sign of any sort of gelatinous texture, either. I’m glad Tressa is making these beverages.

When I lived in NYC, I was involved with the traditional foods community and made a lot of nourishing foods myself—kombucha, kefir (water and milk), and lacto-fermented vegetables, in particular. I also consumed pastured meats and raw dairy, and I believe these foods have a lot of benefits. I was aware of Salt Fire & Time when I lived on the other side of the country, and I’m thrilled to now live in the same town as they do and have easy access to their work. I look forward to stopping in and trying more of their products.

So head on over to Salt Fire & Time’s Broth Bar for some Summer Collagen Coolers—healthy, fresh, nourishing, and a real seasonal delight. Many thanks to Lisa Hill for setting up the tasting.

Salt Fire & Time’s Broth Bar, 115 NE 6th Avenue, Portland | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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