Salt, Fire & Time To Close This Month


I was very sorry to hear that Salt, Fire & Time/Broth Bar (115 NE 6th Avenue) is set to close on March 24, after 10 years in the business. Last summer I found their collagen coolers to be very tasty, and over the years I had heard high praise for their bone broths. Owner Tessa Yellig posted a long announcement about the closing on Facebook, which ended with the news that she will be continuing her teaching and consulting at Wild Heart Solutions.

Here’s an excerpt from their announcement:

“It is with very heavy hearts that we’ve decided to close, and March 24th will be our last day of business at the Broth Bars. I am sorry that we can’t give you all more notice but believe me, like so many things, I held out as long as I could to try to make it work. At some point, the smartest thing to do is accept the limitations of what’s happening and move on. Small business is an education, a worthy one, and an expensive one.

“I believe that the market is hardest for disruptive makers. I put us (SFT) in the category of disruptors because we believed in our consumers and their ability to understand and appreciate our motives and our products, but that put us at odds with everyone and everything in the market. We represented something different and different didn’t always mean accessible, more attractive, or transparent. I still feel like we are part of that revolution in food and I do not regret all the good that we did.”

While the concept here was a tad niche, Tessa provided a local solution to a need and desire for traditional foods like bone broth, pastured animal fats, fermented products like kraut and kimchi, unrefined salts, and ghee. I think this is a loss for anyone who is looking for prepared nutrient-dense foods in Portland. We wish Tessa well and hope the next chapter in her life is as rich as her time at Salt, Fire & Time/Broth Bar has been.

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Bridgetown Bites is written by Meg Cotner, a food loving freelance writer, editor and published author in Portland, OR.

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