Beaverton’s Inaugural Restaurant Week Starts Thursday


Back in August the news came out that Beaverton is launching a restaurant week; the aptly-named Beaverton Restaurant Week starts this Thursday, September 28 and ends Sunday, October 8. Restaurant weeks are a lot of fun and I remember the early days of them in NYC—you got some insane deals (I remember an incredible meal at the now-shuttered Chanterelle in Tribeca) and a chance to try out a new place for less dough. They still continue all over the country, so it’s clear that restaurant-goers are eager to participate in a restaurant week in their community.

Each of the participating restaurants will offer a special dish that normally isn’t on the menu, though you can always order off their regular menu. 28 restaurants will be participating, including local favorites Watson Hall Public House (American), Nak Won (Korean), and Borikén (Puerto Rican). Here’s a handy-dandy interactive map listing all participating restaurants. Most are in/near central Beaverton and are close enough to walk to from the Beaverton Central MAX station; the farthest one away is a little over a half a mile from the MAX, which is about a 10-minute walk for most able-bodied individuals.

This Thursday, September 28 there will be an opening night party at the relatively new LaScala building at 4725 SW Lombard Street (at the corner of 1st Street) in central Beaverton. LaScala bills itself as an “apartment building with ground floor micro-restaurant food hall in the heart of Beaverton.” I can’t deny that I’m curious. The party is from 4:30-6pm and there will be hors d’ouevres, music, and an opportunity to learn more about Beaverton Restaurant Week. It should be an enjoyable way to get to know more about it.

We wish the city of Beaverton every good wish as they launch their inaugural Restaurant Week!

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  1. I did not know about this. Always looking for a new Korean place to check out, among others. Thanks for spreading the word and I look forward to hearing some reviews!

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