Main Season Returns to Hollywood Farmers Market


West entrance to the Hollywood Farmers Market

One of the great things (among many) about living in the Hollywood District is the proximity to the Hollywood Farmers Market. It’s definitely been one of the perks of living in this part of Portland. They host a lot of variety in vendors, have a friendly staff, and it’s an overall pleasant way to spend part of the morning. I took a few photos there on this very rainy morning and wanted to share them here.

The first stop I made was the Hot Mama Salsa table, one of my absolute favorites at the market. I make a point of always trying the special salsa each week, and this week’s was the Salsa Parnita, a kind of “tapenade” made with two kinds of chiles and olive oil; it was inspired by a table salsa that owner Nikki had at a restaurant during her travels throughout Mexico. It was tasty, but in the end I opted to buy a container of the Gramal Salsa, a medium salsa based on an old family recipe.


Salsa Parnita from Hot Mama Salsa

I wanted to make sure I stopped by The Fermentista‘s table to try her offerings; she is one of the newest vendors at the Market. I tasted a couple of things she had to offer—a spicy radish in a gorgeous ruby red color, and sauerkraut with rhubarb and ginger. I preferred the kraut by far, especially because of its crunchy texture. Owner Sarah Pesout creates all the ferments she offers, and if you’ve ever had any of the vegetable ferments at Tusk, know that she’s the talent behind them.


Fermented vegetables from The Fermentista

It was wonderful to see so many greens at the market! I was intrigued by the Bietola at Sweet Leaf Organic Farm, and bought a couple of bunches. I’m told it’s a good breakfast green and, while mild like spinach, it shares a nutritional profile more in line with Swiss chard. I’m really looking forward to giving it a try. I also picked up some carrots from this same farm, which is my favorite vendor for these sweet roots. I’m excited that there are weeks ahead of us to get carrots on the regular from them.

Bietola greens from Sweet Leaf Organic Farm

Carrots from Sweet Leaf Organic Farm

A trip to the Market would not be complete without a stop at the Tabor Bread table. I usually get granola but did not see any this week, but I still picked up a savory bun. The buns change each week, and this week it was their wonderful dough wrapped up with various seeds.


Treats at Tabor Bread

I was also happy to see asparagus back at the market! These bunches come from Profarm Orchards—they also had pickled asparagus available. I got three bunches for $10. Asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables during my favorite season.


Skinny asparagus from Profarm Orchards

The rain was pretty epic today and the umbrellas and rain gear were out in force. I’m sure the crowds will return with better weather (or at least during more PNW-style rain—light and drizzly instead of thick and penetrative). I’m really looking forward to strawberries and other berries, as well as plant starts, more greens, summer squashes, and salsa every week.


Hollywood Farmers Market
4420 NE Hancock Street, Portland
April–September: Every Saturday, 8am-1pm | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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