First Look: Sizzle Pie Hollywood

Sizzle Pie's sandwich board

When they mean open late, they mean open late—til 4am Friday and Saturday, 3am the rest of the week.

Yesterday was the first day Sizzle Pie Hollywood was open (soft opening), so we headed over for some slices—and to check out the space. Turns out they didn’t do any kind of major overhaul, but the place feels more spacious, fresher, neater. I was told that it took about a month and half to get it all spruced up.

Side bar at Sizzle Pie

The display by the register held nine pies—three vegan, three vegetarian, and three meat.

Pizza slices at Sizzle Pie

We tried three slices—one vegan, two meat. On the left is the Apocalypse Dudes, made with roasted red pepper pepita spread, vegan ricotta, mushrooms, peppadews, and Hatch chilis. On the right are two slices—a pepperoni slice called Ace of Spaces and the Pig Destroyer made with pepperoni, meatballs, and bacon. I liked the thinner crust and the tangy sauce, and enjoyed the more elaborate slices. The vegan pizza was the most interesting to me—far tastier than I expected, with a pleasant kick from the chiles. I look forward to trying their other vegan slices.

The Jones Soda machine was there, touted heartily on Facebook, along with iced tea and lemonade options. Flavors are pretty straightforward—e.g., root beer, orange, cola, ginger ale—with no wacky flavors like Bug Juice or Bacon. That said, I think the syrup/water mix balance is a little off right now, but that’s easily fixed

Jones Soda fountain

There were quite a number of people there, and more arrived as we left. I’m happy to see bustling activity there and hope that Sizzle Pie has continued success at this location. See you next time!

Sizzle Pie Hollywood, 4144 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland | Facebook | Instagram

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