Rocky Butte Farmers Market Recap


Some of the beautiful greens from Starry Moon Farm, a Queer-owned, sustainable, urban micro-farm.

As I mentioned last week, the Rocky Butte Farmers Market had its inaugural pop up and by all apparent metrics, it was a great success. Over 1,000 people attended over the four-hour run, there was everything from vegetables and fruit to honey and soap, ceramics to freshly made tacos, cut flowers and more.

Of course, there is room for improvement, but that is normal and to be expected after the first event. It’s obvious that there is a real need and want for a farmers market on this side of 82nd Ave. I foresee great things for this market and am thrilled to watch it grow and expand.

Some of the things I ended up purchasing were chard, amaranth, and lambs quarters from Starry Moon Farm; “mystery” honey from T Bees S Honey (looking forward to getting some meadowfoam honey next time); a bag of Boulder Blend beans from Rocky Butte Coffee Roasters, which has yielded some of the best espresso shots I’ve made at home; an absolutely gorgeous blue bowl from Shane Reaney studios; a tasty peach macaron from Lanvin French Bakery; and a large head of lettuce from the Mad Roots folks. I also had a wonderful gordita from the El Local stand on my way out.

Here are some photos from the market—here’s what it looked like from a distance as I approached it.


I loved the gorgeous colors in the work of Shane Reaney, and the ceramic spheres in sand from Olander Earthworks were utterly captivating.

Honey and coffee—both offered high-quality product. I look forward to buying from them next time.

The griddle was consistently busy at the El Local booth. Their food is really wonderful, especially the fresh tortillas and huaraches, and everyone seemed to really enjoy it all. Kudos to them for working so hard next to such a hot griddle (when I’d step back from it, the air felt immediately cooler).

Scenes of the crowds that morning.

I walked further into the Zen Center property and caught this great view of the market.


Grateful for the chance to see inside the Zen Center—here are a couple of photos.

And the view of the market from the benches just outside the Zen Center building.



I had major Coriscan Mint envy—I’m growing it at home and am excited to see the individual clumps of plants eventually connect.


The next Rocky Butte Farmers Market pop up is going to be on Saturday, August 3 from 10am to 2pm, again at the Dharma Rain Zen Center. Hope you can make it!

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