Ride and Dine For Madison South at the Lumberyard In September


Photo credit: the Lumberyard’s GoFundMe page

As you may have heard, there was a major fire over on Bridgetown Bites headquarter’s side of town (I could see the smoke from my house). On August 26, 2019 it burned in a section of the Madison South neighborhood around 82nd Avenue and NE Knott Street, seriously damaging nearby structures—homes and businesses. The Lumberyard—a local business, and one that was affected, though only lightly—has counted their lucky stars and organized a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for those who did not fare as well.

One of the company’s founders, Will Heiberg, spoke to us a little bit about the fundraiser. “We are so incredibly fortunate to come through last weeks fire with such minimal damage,” he remarked. “Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for some families in the neighborhood. We have had such a strong showing of support from the community and we wanted to take the opportunity to focus the attention of those that lost their homes.”

He continues, “We are working to raise money through GoFundMe. People can go directly to the page and donate, or they can swing by the bike park and a portion of our pass sales and pizza sales will be going to the families in need.”


Photo credit: the Lumberyard

Locals love the Lumberyard for its welcoming adult-and-kid-friendly atmosphere, where you can grab a pint and a pie from on-site pizzeria Schmizza Pub & Grub  and hang out with friends and/or family. So head on over to the Lumberyard, have a slice, and watch the cyclists do tricks inside. And, as Will says, if you can’t make it over,  donate directly via the GoFundMe. Help a neighbor, do some good in the world. Hope see you over there this month.

Ride & Dine for Madison South
Month of September 2019

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