The Bulgogi + Du Kuh Bee Connection


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In the “that’s news to me” category, it has only become clear (to me) recently that The Bulgogi Korean restaurant in the Hollywood District is managed by the Du Kuh Bee family.  I had seen the signage on The Bulgogi’s window for a long time about their offering Du Kuh Bee’s famous noodles, but I was unaware just how close the two businesses are. In fact, the official name of the restaurant is now “The Bulgogi + Du Kuh Bee.”

About 6 months ago Du Kuh Bee had to close their doors in Beaverton and directed folks to The Bulgogi on their Instagram page. They indicated they are looking to reopen in a new location in Beaverton. A restaurant called 1st Street Pocha (not to be confused with Pocha, a previous project by the folks from Han Oak) is opening up in the former Du Kuh Bee space in Beaverton, but there’s paperwork out there that makes me think that Du Kuh Bee is connected to 1st Street Pocha.


There’s not much out there on 1st Street Pocha (“pocha” essentially means “street vendor” in Korean) right now, but I’ll keep an eye on it. I’ve eaten at The Bulgogi before they indicated any connection with Du Kuh Bee and the food was very tasty and fresh. I think I need to stop by soon. And on the topic of Korean food in the Hollywood District, I was sorry to see that Yelp lists Happy Bibim Bap House 2 as “permanently closed.”

The Bulgogi + Du Kuh Bee
4232 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland | Yelp

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