Rocky Butte Espresso Bar: an Update


Photo credit: Rocky Butte Coffee Roasters

I stopped by the Rocky Butte Espresso Bar earlier this week and thought I’d share an update on what’s up with them these days. First, my latte with a touch of cardamom syrup (from Portland’s own Holy Kakow) was very good, and it was great to chat with James Helms, one of Rocky Butte’s owners (Parkrose’s Bryan Atkinson is another owner) and barista extraordinaire. We love having them out here in our little corner of Portland (Sumner-Roseway-Madison South), which I continue to enjoy more and more the longer I live here.

Back in December, James shared the good news that they have a long-term commitment to their work with the Espresso Bar:

“On December 1st we signed a new sub-lease on the space…for five years. This isn’t without risk but with numerous neighbors support along the way, we were prompted to commit to a longer term. We’ve since painted, built a little stage, will be installing flooring and building out seating options and other units to create a space where people will feel comfortable once we are able to have indoor seating…post lock down.”

The stage and new floors are in and details can be found in the photo above and in photos on the Rocky Butte Coffee Roasters Facebook page. I love the idea that at some point we can enjoy some live music on that stage while hanging out at the cafe. There’s also new paint on the walls, an electrical upgrade, and wifi.

Along with their great coffee are other treats—they’ve sold baked goods from Bishop & Sons since the beginning, and now offer donuts from Annie’s in Roseway and Missionary Chocolates’ Simply Espresso truffles, which are made with Rocky Butte Coffee Roasters’ Honduran coffee beans.

The presence of the Rocky Butte Espresso Bar is a positive one and I admire and appreciate Bryan and James’s commitment to the neighborhood and greater area. The Rocky Butte sure has inspired community—The Rocky Butte Coffee Roasters and Espresso Bar; the Rocky Butte Farmers Market; and while it’s not food-centric it is Butte-centric, the Friends of Rocky Butte, dedicated to the health and well-being of the Butte itself.

If you haven’t been by yet, I really recommend you head to the Rocky Butte Espresso Bar when you have a moment. They are open Mondays to Saturdays from 7am to 2pm; closed on Sundays (when the building reverts to being a church). There’s parking in the front and the 24 bus stops right at the corner of NE Fremont and 85th Ave.

Rocky Butte Espresso Bar
8505 NE Fremont Street, Portland | Instagram | Facebook

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