Farewell Heim, Hello Bee’s Cakes and Cafe


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Last week I saw the news about changes coming to Roseway’s Heim Bakery but wanted to see how the details settled out before I wrote about it here. Basically, Jennifer Plitzko is transitioning out of Heim (“the winds of life are blowing [her] in a different direction”) and Rebecca “Bee” Powazek will be taking over the space as Bee’s Cakes and Cafe.

I know Bee has had a solid presence in Portland over the years in various places, but I know her from her previous partnership with fellow baker Jenna Legge, where they offered delicious cakes, cookies, brownies, bars and more as Jen and Bees, located over on the west side on SW Dakota Street. I ordered their August 2020 pastry box and it was filled with so many yums.


Fast forward to May 2021 and Bee is super chuffed to be opening her own spot that goes beyond simply a bakery and expands into a cafe space. One thing that is staying put is Heim’s sourdough bread, the recipe for which will be passed on to Bee. As for what else to expect, here’s what Bee said on Instagram:

“We will be serving breakfast, brunch, breakfast pastries and of course sweets and coffee! I brought my trusty espresso machine with me too! I am so excited to bring Bee’s to the neighborhood. And we’ll be serving @kafiex coffee and @onestripechaico chai per usual!”

Heim did not offer espresso drinks,—just drip coffee—and I have to admit I’m excited about the availability of espresso drinks there. It’s a really nice cafe space—I remember when it was a kids’ play space, and Jenn really did a great job in transforming it. I enjoyed all my pre-pandemic visits there, enjoying coffee and pastry over conversation with friends.

May 2021 is a month of transition between these two bakers. Jenn says, “I am still offering one last CSG mid-May and will be doing my weekly Saturday bake-offs until the end of the month. We are working together so that I can set her up for success in running a cafe and I hope that everyone will give her love and support with her own unique offerings.” And Bee says, “Over the next few weeks while Heim phases out we will continue to be open for just wholesale and special orders, but pay attention in June for some new stuff! We will be starting pastry boxes soon too! I can’t wait to show you all what I have planned!”

One of my favorite things at Heim was the Kouignette, a version of a Kouign Amann. It was really lovely and extremely popular, I hope some kind of pastry like it makes it onto Bee’s menu. But of course, that’s up to her; I’m just sort of low-level consistently obsessed with that pastry (thank you, Cannelle LIC for being the first to introduce me to its marvelousness).

Fun fact: Bee is the cousin to the guy I buy my eggs from. It’s a small world.

Congrats to all—to Jenn, Bee, Roseway and lovers of good food. I can’t wait to stop by, Bee, and check out the new cafe!

Bee’s Cakes and Cafe (opening soon)
7137 NE Fremont Street, Portland
Instagram (Bee’s Custom Cakes) | Facebook (Bee’s Custom Cakes)

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