Something’s Happening in the Old Pono Soul Farm Kitchen Space

Over the past several days, I’ve noticed some activity in the space that used to be home to Pono Soul Farm Kitchen (4118 Sandy Blvd). As you can see, the windows are papered over (that usually means something new is coming); myriad people have been coming and going; also, there was a little box on the side of the building parallel to Sandy Blvd (it used to hold Pono Soul Farm Kitchen’s menu for the day) that contained an ad for the space, and that ad is also gone.


I peeked in and saw a lot of the furniture on its side, all piled up. The “Pono Soul Farm Kitchen” name has been removed from the front door and the For Lease Sign is gone. However, the side space on Broadway, which used to house Pono Soul Farm Kitchen’s meat market, still has the For Lease sign up. Perhaps they are leasing the two spaces separately? It is unclear.


Regardless, something is up and I suspect a new restaurant is moving in. If it’s good, that would be awesome. We will pass on more details as we have them.

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