Chin’s Kitchen Temporarily Closed, Changes Coming

La Pi Salad

The delicious La Pi salad at Chin’s Kitchen—mung bean noodles, fresh vegetables, sauce.

On my way to the gym today, I passed by Chin’s Kitchen, like I often do, and found this sign up on the window:

"Temporary closing" sign

Dear customers and friends,
Our facilities and equipment can not handle the recent surge in business. We are closing today 11/14/17 in order to make some changes. Changes which will allow us to provide great food and service.
Heartfelt thanks to all our customers for your love and dedication. Also thank you The Hollywood Star News, Willamette Week, The Portland Mercury, and the Oregonian for the wonderful reviews.
We will reopen 11/21/17.
See you then.
Chin’s Kitchen 11/14/2017

While it does thwart my plans to stop by this week, I’m thrilled for them! It’s really wonderful to see that they are enjoying success and that Portland is embracing their food. There will be times when I walk by in the evening that there are 8-10 people waiting outside to get into the full-to-capacity dining room. As I’ve mentioned in the past, Dongbei food is my favorite Chinese regional style of cooking, so it’s a treat to have them in my neighborhood. In case you’re curious about what they offer, you can see their most recent menu below (click to enlarge):

Chin's Kitchen Menu November 2017

The Chin’s Kitchen menu from early November 2017.

I recently had a twitter conversation with Michael Russell at The Oregonian about Chin’s Kitchen and we both have hoped that they could upgrade things to make a wider range of Dongbei dishes—guo bao rou (a kind of sweet and sour pork—though I though it was on the menu early on) and ba si (dessert: fried apple, taro, or sweet potato glazed in syrup) for him, mu su lin yang cai (crunchy Muslim Lamb Chops for me—how I miss yours, Fu Run). BTW, this is a nice intro on some of the more well-known Dongbei dishes.

I’m excited to see the changes they’ll make and anticipate more interesting food coming out of their kitchen.

Chin’s Kitchen4132 NE Broadway Blvd., Portland

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