Wholesome Blends Has Closed, The Whole Bowl Trailer Has Moved (Twice!)

After having breakfast at Jim and Patty’s and searching for an elusive geocache in Rose City Park, I headed home down Sandy Blvd and was startled to see that Wholesome Blends (4615 NE Sandy Blvd) had closed! The Whole Bowl trailer that was on the property was also gone, moving further into the Hollywood District, but is now back on Sandy.

The end of Wholesome Blends

The message says “Open till 1pm Christmas, then it is the end for Wholesome Blends.” You can see below that the whole place is cleared out.


Here’s what it looked like inside not long ago:

Photo credit: Wholesome Blends

I especially liked Wholesome Blends because they implemented one of the genius practices of iced coffee—use ice cubes made from coffee so that the drink never dilutes. Their coffee tasted good and they had a nice selection of pastries. Warm space and friendly staff, too. I’m sorry to see them gone after 16 years in business.

UPDATE 1/15/18: Today over Messenger I spoke to Tali of The Whole Bowl, who shared an update on their status: “We are now back and open at Wholesome Blends—our regular hours.” I had wondered what was up, since I saw them at Popina for a day or two and then they disappeared. So that solves that mystery. I also asked about the old Wholesome Blends space and if she knew what was up with it, and replied, “They’re trying to lease it out to another coffeeshop. To be continued!”

As far as the Hollywood location of The Whole Bowl goes, you can see below that they moved to the parking lot in front of Popina—but have now moved back.



I’ll be curious to see what happens to the location of what was Wholesome Blends—will a new business open up there? Will they build an apartment building or condos on the property? Only time will tell. I’ll miss the iced coffees with coffee ice cubes next summer.

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