Spud Monkey’s Is Coming to Hollywood


Swings as seating at Spud Monkey’s in Fairview. Perhaps they’ll install them in Hollywood, too.

I noticed the news today that the old Columbia River Brewing space is getting a new tenant—Spud Monkey’s. This is a bar that opened in 2011 in Gresham; the Hollywood District will be their third location. The boast that they are “primarily female owned and operated” and that they “specialize in potato-themed plates, including the Spuddy; a burger with a baked potato bun.” That’s a baked potato that serves as a bun, in case there was any confusion there.

They got the keys to the space in late January and are pretty excited about opening up in the neighborhood, bringing food and fun to the area. And beer. On their Facebook page, someone asked, “Will you be brewing your own beer?” They responded, “Eventually yes! We are new to the brewing game but will be learning as we go.” It will be interesting to see how they fare with that aspect.

The couple who founded Spud Monkeys is from Idaho, home of the most famous Russet potatoes in the country, so it makes sense that potatoes make an impact on the menu, like aforementioned Spuddy burger. You’ll also find things like:

  • Monkey Chips—Thick cut spuds covered in shredded cheddar, bacon & green onion
  • Poutine—Crispy french fries topped with poutine gravy & cheese curds
  • Idaho Nachos—House cut fries topped with BBQ pulled pork, shredded cheddar, red onion, & sour cream
  • Totchos—12 oz  of tater tots smothered with our top sirloin chili, beer cheese, sour cream, & green onion

They’ll offer a “build you own burger” option and they can be made “The Spuddy Way”—for an extra buck they’ll use a whole potato—cut in half and deep fried—as the bun to your burger. The Idaho Pride section of the menu features cooked (mostly deep fried) potato halves topped with various meats and vegetables.

They have a happy hour menu and hopefully they will implement the late night menu that is currently in practice at their Halsey Street location. I expect them to have a full bar.

Sounds like they may be open by end of February. Welcome to Hollywood, Spud Monkey’s!

Spud Monkey’s (opening soon)
1728 NE 40th Avenue, Portland
spudmonkeys.com | Facebook

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