For the Love of Pȃte Sȏ


A box of beautiful pȃte sȏ.

If there is a positive to this pandemic, it’s the little cottage industries that have been born—“necessity is the mother of invention” and all that. The latest one I’ve encountered is the box of bánh pȃte sȏ featured on the @heychaudy Instagram account. You order these delicious things through that account, which is related to the @_2anh account, run by Anh Tran of Yen Ha fame, which, as you know from this blog, shuttered in 2019.

There were hints that they might open elsewhere, but perhaps this pȃte sȏ business is taking that role.

Anyway, back to today and what exactly is pȃte sȏ? This is pȃte sȏ:


It’s flaky puff pastry wrapped around a chunk of ground pork (or Impossible meat and vegan paté). I chose the pork because, among other things, I like pork. The ground filling is so tasty—meaty, a little sweet, with a peppery element—and the pastry gives a little crunch when you bite into it. My understanding is that these are good for breakfast, but I think they are good anytime. (I shared some with a friend who said they got her through a boring meeting.)

Tran wrote a short origin story on Instagram about his pȃte sȏ business:

“I originally started making these because I couldn’t find anywhere that was to my liking. As a kid this was always something I had to get when we went to the bánh mi shop. Would have never imagined I would turn into your local Patê Sô dealer.”


You get a dozen per box—$25 for the pork and $30 for the vegan, plus a “dirty dozen” option for $28. That’s a little over two bucks for the pork and $2.50 for the vegan ones, so a pretty good deal. They are very satisfying, too.

If you want to get your own box of beautiful pȃte sȏ, keep an eye on the @heychaudy and @_2anh  accounts on Instagram. They often announce pre-orders in their stories. And how does it work? You place your order via Instagram DM and head to the pickup location on the distribution day. They take payment via Apple Pay or cash; pickup is contactless. It was very easy to manage.

Plus you get this super cute napkin in the box.


Big thanks to my new pȃte sȏ dealer. I don’t expect this will be the last time I’ll be ordering these tasty treats.

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