Top 5 Posts On Bridgetown Bites, February 2021

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Here’s the content you enjoyed in the month of Februrary 2021—lots of food news. As always, thanks for reading!

5. The Bulgogi + Du Kuh Bee Connection


In the “that’s news to me” category, it has only become clear (to me) recently that The Bulgogi Korean restaurant in the Hollywood District is managed by the Du Kuh Bee family.  I had seen the signage on The Bulgogi’s window for a long time about their offering Du Kuh Bee’s famous noodles, but I was unaware just how close the two businesses are. In fact, the official name of the restaurant is now “The Bulgogi + Du Kuh Bee.”

4. First Tastes: Nepali Kitchen in Northeast Portland


Despite its failings, there are some gems on Nextdoor when it comes to food. I’ve found direct-access to top-notch sources of Indonesian food, epic Lasagna Bolognese, Texas-style tortillas and plenty of local food recommendations, including the subject of this blog post, Nepali Kitchen. They’ve opened in what seems to be a house on the corner of NE Fremont and 49th Ave (across the street from Stanich’s), with a lovely little courtyard established in the front yard. And the food is excellent.

3. Fairley’s Pharmacy and Its Soda Fountain Have Been Sold


The other day I learned that Fairley’s Pharmacy has been sold. Fairley’s is home to one of Portland’s last remaining soda fountains, though it is currently closed because of the pandemic (the pharmacy continues operation). Here’s their full statement:

2. Another Soda Fountain Bites the Dust? Paulsen’s Pharmacy Has Closed


Yesterday I learned from the Hollywood Boosters that Paulsen’s Pharmacy (4246 Sandy Blvd) has closed. Today I came across a post from Chris Balo in the Dead Memories Portland public Facebook group with more details:

1 . Upright Brewing Coming to Roseway/Cully


The New School beer/cider website published news last month about a new Upright Brewing taproom coming to the corner or NE 72nd Ave and Prescott on the Cully/Roseway border. It will be located the old auto repair shop space at 7151 NE Prescott.

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