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While driving along NE Sandy Blvd (again), I noticed that part of Second Profession Brewing windows were papered over—at this point after so many years of neighborhood blogging, papered-over windows always catch my eye and get me wondering. I stopped by and saw that the old pub that was part of the brewery is now going to be the restaurant Arrowood. The pub’s final day of business was July 31.

There was a sign up in the window explaining what’s going on—here’s the relevant portion:

We have partnered with a restaurant that will open in the space that was the pub. To get open, they need a quick moment to shut down and do some super sweet upgrades.

In a few short weeks, they will be opening as Arrowood, your neighborhood restaurant. It’s going to be awesome.

Now I am guessing that you are concerned about the future of Second Profession Brewing and getting your taste buds on our fine suds. Arrowood will be carrying all of our beers, so by default it will be our taproom just like it is now…just with way better food.

We greatly apologize for any inconvenience this will create. Stay tuned for more updates and look for the grand opening!

See you in a few weeks! Cheers!

Charlie Goman, Second Profession Brewing

Mike Duggan, Arrowood Restaurant

A message that went to fans and supporters talked a little bit more about Mike Duggan and the overall plans:

As a veteran of the food industry as a GM and having assisting in the opening of many restaurants over his career, he was ready to strike it out on his own. Mike has a clear vision to create an excellent food menu, as well as plans to improve the service of the space to include table service, elevated cocktail menu and an expanded wine menu. We have always listened to our customers, and these are all things that they have wanted, but we just simply were not able to provide. With Mike at the helm of the new restaurant concept, Arrowood, the Rose City Park and adjoining neighborhoods will finally have a place to rally around for not only great beer, but great food and service.

UPDATE: 9/5/19: Chef Craig Day has come on board to run the kitchen at Arrowood. They are also planning on having an art gallery within the restaurant. It will be a presence after the restaurant has opened for business. “Every two months we will feature a new artist in the gallery. Our first artist is Armando Olveda. Each work of art will be for sale in the gallery, and we will host an artist night each month once we open our doors to you.”

Sounds like all good news worth keeping an eye on.

“Craft Cocktails, Local Wines and Ciders, Good Food”

Arrowood Restaurant (coming soon)
5846 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland | Facebook | Instagram

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4 Replies to “Second Profession Brewing Partnering With Arrowood Restaurant”

  1. This is awesome that you all have Craig Day on board. I have no bias. I know personally that his food is great. My grandchildren love what he prepares.
    My husband and I are excited to come to Portland to experience all that you offer. And hopefully you serve Budlight as I am not much of a craft beer drinker, but my husband is.

    Take care


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