Red Sauce Pizza Moving to Fremont and NE 47th Avenue


Red Sauce Pizza pie topped with pepperoni (behold the cupping) and ricotta; it’s fantastic.

Yesterday afternoon I opened up Instagram and saw the news: Red Sauce Pizza is moving! I never thought I’d see the day, since they are such a presence on that strip of 42nd Avenue. They’ll be moving into a space on NE Fremont and 47th Avenue, which can only be the location of the now-shuttered Anchor End (and before that, Thrive). Anchor End closed in early August 2019.

Here’s the post from Shar at Red Sauce:

Thank goodness they are keeping the sign. Their Facebook post has more info, too:

For our four year anniversary, we have decided to relocate! Please wish us well in our new location on 47th and Fremont. We will be open at our old spot until late October, then we will close for 3-4 days to move and reopen. We have outgrown this spot. Please come on down to 42nd Ave while you can. This is supper bitter sweet for us. We have truly made such a community here and adore our customers, so it was important for us to stay in the neighborhood. We are excited to new beginnings and the same awesome pizza on Fremont. Thank you all for supporting us over the years, we will continue to cook the greatest pizza we know how.

Thank you,

I’ll certainly miss their old location with the great patio, elevated dining room, and cool vibes (plus, Drake). I love entering at what is essentially the kitchen. But that space on Fremont is pretty nice, and I am sure they will achieve great success there… and with them in that location, it will be a place filled with good energy and delicious food. Great to see local independent businesses thrive and expand.

Congrats to Shar and the whole crew at Red Sauce! You will forever be one of my favorite pizza joints anywhere.

Red Sauce Pizza
4935 NE 42nd Avenue, Portland (now)
4641 NE Fremont Street, Portland (later) | Instagram | Facebook

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