Dick’s Primal Burger Opens in Old Beeswing Space in Cully


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What a year it’s been. 2020 has been full of hard times, what with the pandemic, a major economic downturn, and a high-anxiety election—not to mention murder hornets (it’s on the news as I write this). Good news seems hard to come by, but I have some for you: the old Beeswing Restaurant space in Cully has a new tenant, and they are Dick’s Primal Burger.

This is good on multiple levels. First, the food at Dick’s is great and caters to a healthy lifestyle. Second, there’s an actual tenant in that space now; empty storefronts are no bueno. Beeswing’s curious closing was jarring to the neighborhood and many lamented their departure (myself included). I think Dick’s will be a great addition to that section of Cully Blvd.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dick’s, they identify as a “diner” with a menu that, “favors a paleo diet”: burgers made from grass-fed beef; fermented foods; and gluten-free options. However, they do offer some good vegetarian and vegan options—like bowls and veggie burgers—as well as game meats. Head to their October Menu (pdf) for more details.

Right now they are in a soft opening phase. From their Instagram account:

We are so excited to be bringing nutritious and delicious food to our neighbors in NE Portland! Open for to go and delivery for the next few weeks then we will have our awesome patio and indoor dining ready for everyone. Look forward to seeing everyone soon!

I’m pretty chuffed about this news; I used to eat at Dick’s Kitchen (RIP) over on NW 21st Ave and really liked the food. I’m a big fan of grass-fed beef, too, having gained a taste for it when I was involved with the raw milk/traditional food scene in NYC. I can see myself heading to Dick’s Primal Burger in Cully on the regular. What a great resource for the neighborhood!

Welcome to NE Portland, Dick’s!

Dick’s Primal Burger
4318 NE Cully Blvd, Portland
dicksprimalburger.com | Instagram | Facebook

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