Restaurant Updates: Pizza, Bagels, Brunch and More


I thought I’d catch us up on the current status of stories I’ve been following here on the blog.

The Lift Off Lounge is open. Newcomer praised as a highly anticipated “non dive-bar” for the neighborhood (Rose City Park/Hollywood), The Lift Off Lounge had their soft opening last week; response from the neighborhood seems pretty positive. On Tuesday they posted on their Instagram account, “Thanks to everyone who came out to support for our soft opening weekend!!!……. we will be opening for regular hours sometime this week.” From what I can gather, 5pm seems to be their opening time of choice until they establish their regular hours. 5216 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland


Photo credit: The Lift Off Lounge

Arrowood is open. Nextdoor is abuzz with positive impressions of Arrowood, the new restaurant attached to Second Profession Brewing on Sandy Blvd in Roseway. Charlie Goman, Owner-Brewer at Second Profession Brewing, has done a great job of communicating with folks about the new restaurant, answering questions, and being an overall good egg about it. He calls the food, “Upscale American,” and here are the menus.


Photo credit: Arrowood

One conversation I found particularly interesting was about the sound levels in the restaurant. It’s not secret that a lot of restaurants—here and in NYC, in my experience—are loud. Gorman responded to a question about the sound levels at Arrowood: “While there is no way to totally dampen the sound when it is busy we have implemented sound reducing tools including padded booths that help control sound and the large liquor shelf that goes halfway around the bar acts to divide the space in two, and reduce the amount of noise. Mike will be investing in more sound panels for the ceiling as he gets more established.” Good news all around. 5846 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland

Pizzeria Otto opens Saturday. I’ve been watching Otto’s Instagram account and on October 21 they indicated that they were close to opening in FoPo. The Oregonian broke the news today that opening day for the new Foster Powell location is this Saturday, November 9 for dinner service. Look forward to their amazing Neapolitan-style pies, among other things. 5005 SE 72nd Avenue, Portland


Ben & Esther’s opens Saturday, too. Newest member of the PDX bagel scene from former New Yorker Justin King, Ben & Esther’s Bagels is opening at 7am this Saturday, November 9. Locals are eager to check out the new place, many craving a NYC-style deli. I, myself, am hoping to make it over on the early side that morning.

Truth be told, I don’t eat a lot of bagels these days but I do enjoy them normally and miss the quality I became accustomed to at my fave spot in my old Queens neighborhood, Astoria Bagels. Really looking forward to seeing what Ben & Esther’s can offer (everything bagel with a tasty schmear for me). 6912 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland


Beeswing is opening in Sellwood-Moreland. Though I’m mildly irked that the Beeswing folks did not alert their funders (it me) first, they did post on Instagram the big, big news about their new restaurant in the old Laurelwood Brewing space. It’s far away compared to Cully, but Sellwood-Moreland has a lot to offer, so I look forward to making the drive and spending some time there eating at Beeswing and others.

Their move is a loss for Cully, as Beeswing was something like a favored child there for a while, but the neighborhood has a lot of good food in it—Yonder, Red Sauce, and Cully Central to just name a few. My understanding is that the building that housed Beeswing in Cully is up for sale. And what is the rest of the story behind the short-lived Cafe TBD? The whole thing is somewhat mysterious and wonky. 6716 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland


See you soon, Beeswing Dutch Baby

Yen Ha closed… but is it the end? Like the question mark at the end of the original The Blob, social media hashtag #seeyousoon would indicate the owners of Yen Ha are opening a new restaurant at some point—plus the comment on Facebook, “We will find you when you re-open.” More to come on this for sure.


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Third generation happy customer ^^ Goodbyes don’t always have to be sad. #seeyousoon

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